“I’m not crazy!” is typically the response I get when I recommend that someone seeks counseling. I truly get it…. there is still a lot of stigma connected to seeing a therapist. There is of course still lots of misinformation and unfortunately, every day we are bombarded by the media with a new miracle pill to fix what ails society…

I grew up in a community where anything mental health meant you were “mental” a.k.a. crazy. There was no acceptance nor discussion about counseling or therapy, people kept private business private. I remember distinctly the phrase, “what happens in the home, stays in the home” and “you don’t put your business in the streets”. All of this and other beliefs served to create a community of accepted taboos and family secrets. It was just not okay to talk about certain things like incest, abuse, domestic violence, pre-marital sex, gay family members and other issues that were better kept covered up.

Unfortunately, this denial created greater, darker issues that continue to pervasively worm its way in the lives of folk from generation to generations. Just about everyone I knew had someone in the family affected by an untreated mental health issues, i.e., an ex-vet with PTSD, hx. of sexual abuse, DV, substance abuse, etc.

What is real is that these things happen, that they are not okay, that it is not your fault and you are not crazy.
– It is okay to get help sometimes.
-You are not weak because you need it.
-It is nobody’s business but your own and your identified support system that you are seeking help to resolve these issues.
-You will not betray your community nor your family by choosing to be a better you.
-It is your right to be healthy and whole, and to access whatever services and resources are available to you.

Peace & blessings,